James Phelge - a complete unknown - like a Rolling Stone




Keith Richards: Phelge was the name of a guy that lived with us in Edith Grove at World's End, who was one of the most disgusting people that I've ever known. He was known as Phelge and he was the sort of guy who would meet you on the stairs of your slum with his streaked Y-fronts on his head, and nothing else, and he'd say: "This is Phelge – welcome home. Unfortunately I haven't made enough money this week to help chip in with the rent, so instead I'll entertain you and be as disgusting as possible for the whole week."

"He was the sort of guy who would nail up the john while you're in there and lower a tape recorder in through the window and capture the moment when the victim couldn't get the door open. He ended up with a whole reel of tape and every time it got to the bit where they flushed the toilet you'd hear a roar of applause. It was a great tape – unfortunately nobody kept it."

OK! Magazine

Keith Richards admits the Stones were no match for Phelge. Richards recalls disgusting Stones flatmate in memoirs

In his upcoming memoir, Life, Keith Richards recalls the year he lived with Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and James Phelge in a dingy Fulham, London flat, where the filthy foursome would often try to upset each other with disgusting acts.

And he admits the Stones were no match for Phelge.

In an excerpt from the book published in Rolling Stone magazine, Richards writes, "We dared each other: Who could be more disgusting than anybody else...? We'd get back from a gig and Phelge would be standing at the top of the stairs saying, 'Welcome home,' stark naked with his s**ty underpants on his head, or p**sing on you."

Richards admits he was amazed when he found journals he had written relating to his year at 102 Edith Grove as he was researching the book.

He adds, "If I'd had the choice of finding one diary of any three-month period of the Stones' history, it would have been this one, the moment the band was hatching... I even kept accounts of the money we earned at gigs."



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